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To ensure smooth transactions of the best quality Digital Gold, Spenny has partnered with Augmont Gold Pvt. Ltd. - an integrated precious metals management company. All buy/sell transactions of Digital Gold are directly with Augmont Gold Pvt. Ltd.

  • No KYC documents are required.
  • Superfast onboarding (takes less than a minute to activate roundups into Digital Gold).
  • Super safe asset class to invest in (especially in times when the markets fall). Stable & low-risk asset.
  • Purchase as low as Rs.10
  • Sell anytime.
  • 100% secure: stored in vaults & insured by independent trustees.
  • Diversify & balance your portfolio.

The live prices are subject to wholesale prices in the spot market Certain margins are added to the transaction to account for payment gateway charges, storage, Insurance, trustee, and custodian charges. The gold rate excludes taxes, making charges, and delivery charges. 3% GST is applicable while buying gold.

The live price shown is the current market price of gold, exclusive taxes, this price may change throughout the day. The buy and sell prices you see are on the basis of wholesale prices in the spot market. It does not include taxes.

The live price may change throughout the day. However, once you begin the buy/sell transactions, the live price shown will be locked in for 5 minutes.

The physical gold is stored and insured by Augmont in 100% Secure Sequel Vaults.Verified by an IDBI trusteeship services Pvt. Ltd - an Independent Trustee